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Why go solar:

  • Lower your energy costs.If you’re a homeowner, you’ll save a lot of money on your electric bill. How much? It will depend on your solar energy system, the weather and your usage, but, it is possible for many homes to go completely off the electric grid and produce all of their own power. That can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings per year.If you’re a builder, you will make your building projects much more desirable thanks to the energy cost savings they’ll provide from the get go.
  • Be known as a progressive builder.Solar is an emerging trend that continues to grow at a very fast clip. Builders that don’t move to incorporate solar will quickly look like yesterday’s builders. Offering solar will bolster your reputation as a provider who supports its customers with the latest proven technologies.
  • Build your “green” brand.Increasingly, customers are seeking to reduce their energy footprint and help protect the environment. This influences their choice of suppliers. By incorporating solar, you’ll establish yourself as the green brand customers want to work with.
  • Increase the value of your properties.Buildings with solar energy systems can command as high as a 4% increase in value over homes in the same community without solar. Appraisers are increasingly factoring solar into their home valuations. This is a benefit that property owners are sure to appreciate.
  • Gain a significant competitive advantage.As an early adopter of solar, you’ll enjoy all of the first-mover market advantages, including a better reputation (see above), higher market share, and higher revenues and profits.
  • Support job creation and your local economy.Solar is estimated to create three-to-five million “green collar” jobs in the coming decade. These are higher paying jobs that are hard to outsource, meaning, more good jobs for folks right here in the U.S. and in your own community.
  • Contribute to U.S. energy independence.With the wild oil price spikes of the past few years and the tremendous control other countries have over the world’s oil supply, it is critical that the U.S. find different energy sources as soon as possible. Solar provides a cost-effective path to eliminating our reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Help protect our environment.The EPA states that the average U.S. household emits 20 metric tons of carbon pollution annually. It’s also estimated that every two-person home that installs solar can reduce between three and four tons of carbon a year. Just imagine if every home had solar panels! On top of that, buildings generate about 35% of carbon emissions in the U.S. Eliminating this amount of pollution would dramatically reduce the effects of climate change – providing a vastly healthier environment for everyone.

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